Intelligent LED Poster

Ultra Slim & Light Weight

  • Sposter has been engineered with latest technologies to give it a smoother, slimmer profile. It’s crafted in beautiful anodized lightweight yet durable aluminium, to make the entire poster frame weight less than 32kg and only 42mm in depth, making it more portable and easier to install.

Bright, Adjustable & High Protection

  • Up to 1,200nits brightness, support synchronous asynchoronous dual mode function.

Plug & Play Media Player

  • The second generation sPoster can be integrated with Novastar synchronous and asynchronous control system, can plug and play with zero setting, it’s fast and simple for end users maintenance.

Convenient & Multi-function Interface

  • Supporting vertical, horizontal, wall mounted and hoisting installation.

Cluster Management & Internet Maintenance

  • Intelligent cluster management, it can remote centralized management audit, precision marketing mode, to double advertising value.
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